• ECAB 500

    ECAB 500

    In December this year, ECAB will convene its 500th meeting since its formation in 1964. To mark this milestone BFPS, in conjunction with ECAB, has produced an official commemorative cover to be released on the 14th December 2017.

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  • QARANC Association70 Signed

    QARANC Association70 Signed

    To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Association the BFPS, in conjunction with the QARANC Association, has produced a commemorative cover to be released on the 1st December 2017.

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  • WRNS100


    To celebrate the centenary of the formation of the WRNS and the way in which the WRNS helped to define the opportunities for women in the Royal Navy, the BFPS in conjunction with the WRNS Benevolent Trust and the Association of Wrens, has produced a commemorative cover.

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    The British Forces Philatelic Service, in conjunction with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Association, have produce an official commemorative cover to mark the introduction into service of RFA TIDESPRING.

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  • Signed by Regimental Secretary

    Signed by Regimental Secretary

    The Battle of Cambrai (November 1917, WW1) was an important landmark in the use of tanks. It was the first military offensive that British Army commanders had deployed them in large numbers. To mark the centenary of the Battle of Cambrai and the first use of mass tanks, the Forces Philatelic Bureau has produced a commemorative cover to be released on the 20th November 2017.

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Welcome to the British Forces Philatelic Service, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company(CIC) which operates the Forces Philatelic Bureau on behalf of the British Forces Post Office (BFPO). BFPS is run by volunteers who are all ex-Services.

We fundraise for our Forces charities through philately - our commemorative covers, first day covers, and books are available to everyone through our Online Shop and the sale of these helps our heroes.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive philatelic service to organisations, units and charities who wish to mark special events, whilst raising money for Service charities. We do this by:

  • Providing a free advisory service on British Forces related philately.
  • Producing special first day and commemorative covers for sale at special events.
  • Using our website to promote British Forces philately to as wide an audience as possible.
  • Marketing BFPS covers past and present via our online shop.
  • Issuing British Forces Postal Service serial numbers for special handstamps.
  • Providing design/production of special handstamps, first day and commemorative covers.

We can help you mark your special event and raise money for Forces Charities

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