Order - RFA Tidespring Full Smiler Sheet

SS14. Order - RFA Tidespring Full Smiler Sheet

£38 + Add
A sheet containing 20 RFA TIdespring Personalised Smiler© stamps as used on the commemorative cover issued to mark RFA Tidespring's Service of Dedication..

The image on the Smiler© stamp was taken at 07:30 (local) on 24th February 2017 by Pearl Harbor Pilot Wade Armstrong when RFA Tidespring visited Hawaii – Pearl Harbor was the ship's first Western hemisphere port.

These sheets look superb, especially when framed. They make great gifts and presentation pieces.

The sheets are also available by mail order by sending a cheque (payable to 'BFPS CIC') to BFPS The Old Post Office Links Place Elie Fife KY9 1AX.


Issue date:
27 November 2017
Post WW2