Design your covers

How can BFPS help you explore the potential?

  • The first step is for you to brainstorm a few ideas as to how a first day or commemorative cover could enhance your marketing campaign or mark a special event.
  • Next explore your initial ideas with BFPS. We will respond with a priced proposal based on your requirements. Full guidance with sensitive advice will be given during the  process.

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Generating ideas for a special cover.

British postage stamp design is currently the prerogative of Royal Mail but the design of the cover and the cancellation hand stamp is left to the cover producer. This means that envelope graphics and cancellations can be designed to produce a unique and distinctive cover to meet specific marketing objectives, as shown below.

Design ideas could involve:

  • A Special Handstamp featuring your logo or badge.
  • Unique cover design commemorating a special event or anniversary.
  • A series of covers that build into a collection.
  • Prominent person/VIP/Dignitary signature editions.
  • Specially mounted and framed editions for presentations.
  • Generic cover for your display team.

To be effective the cover design must allow for accurate positioning of the postage stamps and the cancellation to maintain the value of the cover. The experience and expertise of BFPS are, therefore, important to ensure that these vital requirements are met. The cover design can be arranged by BFPS or produced from the client’s own artwork.

Further messages and other information such as historical notes can be included using inserts within the cover. These are normally retained by the recipient.

Explore your initial ideas with BFPS