Error messages and screen freezing

Recently customers have been experiencing problems viewing or ordering from our web-site. Incidents have included:

  • Clicking on a page link and the page freezes.
  • Error message appears on the screen after clicking a link.
  • Error messages appearing on the screen after clicking on a referal link from another web-site.
  • Paypal page not loading.

These problems happen for a variety of reasons but can normally be atributed to a web browser and web-site not syncronising correctely. These are minor problems but ones that can be irritating to the user.

If you experience these problems then please carry out the actions shown below:

  1. Refresh your browser cashes and reload the web-site. If that doesn’t work then:
  2. Use another web browser to access the web-site.

If you are still experiencing problems then would you please let us know what the problem is via the contact page. Would you please include :

  • Web browser make.
  • Actions you were taking when the problem occured i.e.g ordering covers, looking at a page etc
  • Which links you were using.