CC21. JHQ Mönchengladbach


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BFPS No: 3169 Date of issue: 12/12/2013 SKU: CC21 Category: Tags: , ,


To mark the historic Drawdown of the British Forces from Germany, BFPS, in conjunction with HQ BFG, is producing a series of commemorate covers.

Cover no 2 “JHQ Mönchengladbach” marks the closure of the Rheindahlen Military Complex on the 12 December 2013.

The covers each include a “Portrait commissioned by Royal Mail” 1st Class commemorative stamp which has been cancelled by the BFPS 3169 special handstamp. The main image shows a pen and ink drawing of the JHQ. The badges drawn represent HQ 2ATAF, HQ NORTHAG, HQ BOAR and HQ RAF(G). The 2 badges shown to the left and right of the cover title represent HQ BFG and the town of Mönchengladbach respectively.

Each cover comes complete with an A4 information sheet giving a short history of the location.