CC32B. The Desert Rats – Signed by Signed By Mr Len Burritt


The Desert Rats

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As part of the Army 2020 changes, the famous 7th Armoured Brigade, known as ‘The Desert Rats’, is to re-designate as 7th Infantry Brigade. Although the Brigade will be changing from an armoured role to an infantry role, it will retain its unique red badge depicting a desert jerboa.

To mark this historic event the British Forces Philatelic Bureau, in conjunction with 7 Brigade, has produced an official special commemorative cover.

The cover features images of badges and shoulder flashes used at various times throughout the Brigade’s history. The stamp used is “Winston Churchill” from the ‘Prime Ministers’ special stamp issue, released on 14 October 2014. This will be cancelled using a unique BFPS numbered handstamp which includes the famous Desert Rat logo.

The cover comes complete with an A4 double-sided insert in full colour telling the story of the Brigade. The cover and insert are presented in a cellophane sleeve to create a high quality souvenir of the change.

This is a great opportunity for all serving, future and past members of 7 Brigade to purchase an official memento of their service within this formation.

There are two signed versions, one by Brigadier James Woodham OBE MC Commander 7th Armoured Brigade and the other by Mr Len Burritt, the first ‘Desert Rat’. Both signed covers are limited editions of 76, which is the number of years the Desert Rats have existed and are on sale at £12 each.