CC86. 75th Anniversary of VJ Day 15 August 2020


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2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Japan or as it is commonly known VJ Day. Victory in Europe (VE Day) had been declared three months earlier in May 1945, but to those who fought in the Asia and for their families it was to be another three brutal months before peace was declared. Hence this has often been referred to as the ‘forgotten war’.

In 1995 the BFPO issued a commemorative cover to celebrate the 50th anniversary of VE/VJ Day. To continue the theme and mark the 75th anniversary, BFPS plans to re-issue the cover from 19th August 1995 using the Royal Mail  special stamp ‘Allied POWs liberated, 1945’ stamp. This will be cancelled using the BFPS 1000 special handstamp dated the 15 August 2020. A related cover, published on 20th August 1995, will be included as a bonus and free of charge.

With an issued date of 15th August 2020, these covers will be sold as a pair for £7.50, producing a unique collector’s item that spans 25 years of commemorations for this very significant historical event.

All covers include an A4 double-sided information insert and will be presented in a protective cellophane sleeve making a very collectable souvenir of the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day.