FPB10. Op Overlord – The Call to Rise: French Resistance 5th June 1944 – Special Operations Executive


BFPS 2397 “Operation ‘Overlord’:Alert of the French Resistance” Special Handstamp

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BFPS No: 2397 Date of issue: 5/6/1994 SKU: FPB10 Category: Tags: , , ,


A commemorative cover sponsored by the RAFA on behalf of the Gerry Holdsworth Special Charitable Trust. The Trust is represented by it’s emblem shown on the bottom centre of the cover.

On the cover an illustration shows various scenes of the Call to Rise of the French Resistance.

The emblem shown on the top centre of the cover is that of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force(SHAEF). SHAEF was the headquarters of the Commander of Allied forces in north west Europe, from late 1943 until the end of World War II.

A red 25p Welsh regional definitive stamp has been cancelled by the Unique BFPS 2397 “Operation ‘Overlord’: Alert of the French Resistance” Special Handstamp.