FPB38B. The International Festival of the Sea – Leith – 2003


Signed by Lt Cdr I Fraser VC DSC

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BFPS No: 2729 Date of issue: 23/5/2003 SKU: FPB38B Category: Tags: , , ,


This Royal Navy Official Philatelic cover was produced in conjunction with the Royal Naval Philatelic Society.

The illustration shows 4 tall sailing ships at sea. Royal Navy signal flags spell out “Festival of the Sea 2003”.

A 27ᵖ “Portrush, County Antrim” commemorative stamp is cancelled by the unique BFPS 2729 “The International Festival of the Sea, Leith 2003” Special Hand Stamp.

On the rear of the cover a crimson 1ᵖ definitive stamp has been cancelled by the BFPS 2729 Special handstamp.

Limited issue of 1500.

Signed by Ian Fraser VC DSC.

Lieutenant-Commander Ian Fraser won the Victoria Cross as captain of the midget submarine XE3 in Operation Struggle, a daring attack on the Japanese 10,000-ton heavy cruiser Takao in the Johore Straits, off Singapore Dockyard, just before the end of the Second World War. (Extract from The Telegraph 2nd Sept 2008)