FPB51. Trafalgar 200 International Festival of the Sea Portsmouth 3 July 2005


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BFPS No: 2864 Date of issue: 3/7/2005 SKU: FPB51 Category: Tags: , ,


The cover was Issued to celebrate the International Festival of the Sea 2005 that was held at H.M. Naval Base Portsmouth between the 30 June and 3 July 2005. It was the fifth in a series of International Festivals of the Sea held in the United Kingdom since 1996 .

A photo montage on the cover shows ships and small craft, past and present, of the Royal Navy.

A 1st class stamp “White Ensign – My engines are going astern” is cancelled by the BFPS 2864 Special Handstamp dated Portsmouth 3 July 05.